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He runs operations & deliveries. His educational and professional background spanning Europe and Asia has given him a broad understanding of diverse cultural contexts and the ability to adapt to new situations.
Key Account Manager
Your Key account manager that will take care of all your SEO content needs. She’s fun to work with and easygoing. But as a street-smart problem solver with a background in social work, she manages your account with style and grace.
Top Panther
Cem was born to be an internet entrepreneur and gets his kicks out of building products and services that improve the lives of a lot of people in the world.
Key Account Manager
Having been in the E-Business market since 2002, he has the Turkish market under his purvey. With a bachelors degree in E-Commerce, he’s well educated, solution oriented and with his great people skills, he responds to your project needs with knowledge and experience.
Alex Black
Chief of Paradox
His name is Alex. He is a coder. Programming is what he does, at all levels, with any language. He enjoys it the most in a team of talented developers.
He has the power of 10 tigers when it comes to Front-End. Fast, agile and smart, the fun guy in the company. He writes HTML5, AngularJS and Javascript, and whatever is left
He’s a rails and php developer at Copypanthers. He loves developing with ruby and nosql databases like mongodb. And finally He has a soft spot in his heart for opensource software development.
Head of Design
He is a designer for mobile and the web. He enjoys solving tricky design problems, and has helped launch many successful digital products.
A verbal panther. Stealthily writing copy. He monetizes language.
Financial Services
A verbal panther. Stealthily writing copy. She monetizes language.
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